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Chief Technology Officer at MotherApp. Hang leads a youth fellowship group at his church and is active in his community.

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How does Mobile Device Management help enterprises?

At MotherApp, we are constantly seeking new trends in the app market to ensure that only the best approach will be proposed to solve each of our client’s unique challenge. Through our recent partnerships with large corporations, we have noticed an escalating demand for MDM solutions.

MDM (Mobile Device Management) is a solution for enterprises to handle the administration and management of all mobile devices that have access to the company’s network. As BYOD is becoming the norm in most workplaces, enterprises are increasingly aware of the benefits that MDM solution brings.

Security, Security & Security!

Internal data are


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Software quality factors you need to consider in developing mobile apps

Cagdas Basaraner talks about 10 Groups of Software Quality Factors That Should Always Be Remembered, and we think they are also true for mobile apps:
“Flexibility is the ability of software to add/modify/remove functionality without damaging the current system.”
In mobile: Many mobile apps keep improving each update to include adding, modifying and removing features.
Maintainability and Readability
“Maintainability is a little similar with flexibility but it focuses on modifications about error corrections and minor function modifications.”
In mobile: It is important that the code is maintainable and readable. Otherwise, the maintenance cost will increased over time.
Performance and Efficiency
“Performance is mostly about response time ...

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