How does Mobile Device Management help enterprises?


At Motherapp, we are constantly seeking new trends in the app market to ensure that only the best approach will be proposed to solve each of our client’s unique challenge. Through our recent partnerships with large corporations, we have noticed an escalating demand for MDM solutions.

MDM (Mobile Device Management) is a solution for enterprises to handle the administration and management of all mobile devices that have access to the company’s network. As BYOD is becoming the norm in most workplaces, enterprises are increasingly aware of the benefits that MDM solution brings.

Security, Security & Security!

Internal data are valuable assets to enterprises and leakage of sensitive information to unauthorized parties often leads to crisis and disasters.

With the following features, MDM solution act as a central guardian to keep data and information in safe hands for corporates of any sizes:

  • Data encryption in different devices
  • Remote erasing of corporate data in linked devices
  • Device authentication
  • Detection for actions like jailbreaking or rootkits
  • Separate management of personal and corporate data
  • Remote device locking
  • Containerization for freight transport
  • Management of network access

Leverage mobile applications for internal use

Enterprise mobile applications are designed to fit business needs and to streamline day-to-day operation tasks. Some common functions of the most widely used internal apps include the following:

  • Secure email system for salespersons to communicate with clients on-the-go
  • Dashboard integration for easy overview and analysis of company KPI
  • Internal messenger for staff at all levels to communicate freely in a secure environment
  • Work automation tools for quick approval process of standard procedures

With the increasing number of service providers in the enterprise app market, it could be a hassle to make sure that all staff are strictly following company guidelines to install apps that are approved and up-to-date. This is where MDM tools come in place.

MDM tools are able to control, organise and distribute apps to specific mobile devices via the following channels:

  • Enterprise App Store
  • Apple Volume Purchase Program Integration
  • App Distribution

Who are the major MDM Solution Service Providers?


According to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, below are the leading players in the market and their advantages:

  • AirWatch (Large-scale deployment)
  • Citrix (Highest Satisfaction on Customer Support)
  • Good Technology (Robust secured email, calendar & contacts apps)
  • IBM (Best-in-cloud Solution)
  • MobileIron (Real-time-remote-view capabilities on iOS)


MDM tool is an important component for developing enterprise mobile app. Select the right tool for your business needs, and you will have a simple solution on how to work on mobile in a secure environment.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested to learn more about how MDM solutions may help your business.