The Mobile Web vs. Native Apps


When you start working on a mobile strategy, the first question that usually pops up is whether or not you should develop a mobile web or a native app. While they seem similar, they are different in terms of technology development, business model, marketing strategy and price.

The link below offers a detailed summary comparison of Native App & Mobile Web:

Here are some questions you should consideration. First few questions are extracted from the article above, and the rest are my own:

  • Does the mobile app require the use of any special device features?
  • What is my mobile development budget?
  • How will this app be monetized?
  • Does the mobile app need to be Internet-enabled?
  • Is the mobile app for an ad-hoc marketing campaign or is it a platform to benefit end users?
  • Is the mobile app required to connect to communicate with external devices?
  • What level of interactivity is required for the User Interface?
  • How and how often will the mobile app and its content need to be updated?

The more questions you can answer will help you make better decisions. Of course, you may want develop both mobile web and native app like what Facebook has done if your budget, time and resources allow.