How to leverage apps in service innovation?


Many of the smart companies from the service industry are already employing apps to create value for their customers and their business.

Interested in getting a head start in applying mobile strategy in your service business?  Here are a few principles to give you the competitive edge in service innovations.

(1) Make it easy for customers to do business with you

Well-designed apps facilitate loyal customers creation.

BOCG Insurance - online application

Motherapp’s development of Bank of China Group Insurance’s app (iOS & Android) back in 2013 made it easy for customers to shop for travel insurance on the go, as well as to search for doctors and submit claim requests, should they need to.

The simplicity of the interface and the reliable performance of the app contributes to earning the loyalty of customers in this competitive business.


(2) Think Personalization

Thoughtfully-designed apps can turn an impersonal system into a personalized experience.

Image credit: Instagram @QuantifiedSelf

WellnessFX is a personalized medical service that delivers actionable insights to its subscribers. The app’s personalized angle attracts users who are frustrated with the often impersonal world of medical services, and its powerful interface keeps them as continuing subscribers.

Image credit: Instagram @QuantifiedSelf


(3) Discover value from consumer’s context of use

An App shines when it focuses on the users and the context in which it would be used


Earlier this year, I was at the Minneapolis Airport waiting for my connecting flight, I had the fun of ordering food and beverage with an iPad installed inside the airport restaurant. The ordering and payment process was fast and simple. I could continue browsing the news while waiting for my order to arrive. What’s more, my flight and gate information was prominently shown on top of screen, so that I could be rest assured that I won’t forget the time or miss the flight when enjoying the food and drink.


Every service industry is unique and there are ample opportunities to delight your customer with mobile innovation. Come talk to us to find out more about how mobile strategy can be applied in your specific business scenario.