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What Makes The Point by SHKP a Successful Loyalty Program? - Motherapp

What Makes The Point by SHKP a Successful Loyalty Program?


What Makes The Point by SHKP a Successful Loyalty Program?

Have you ever used the shopping mall membership app “The Point by SHKP” under Sun Hung Kai Properties (SHKP)? The Point fully integrates the membership systems of all SHKP’s shopping malls, allowing customers to connect to the entire SHKP mall network within one single app. This addresses the previous pain point of inactive membership due to the dispersed systems across different malls.

Since its launch in 2019, this largest comprehensive shopping mall membership program in Hong Kong has quickly reached its fifth anniversary. Today, let’s analyze the secrets behind The Point’s success in attracting over 2.5 million member registrations!



One-Stop Ecosystem:
Powerful Network of Malls and Partners

Over the past five years, The Point has evolved from a comprehensive shopping mall membership application into a full-fledged points accumulation ecosystem. Leveraging a strong network of its own branded malls, The Point actively forms alliances with partners, expanding its application scope to cover every step of the user journey.

  • SHKP Network: Initially supporting 14 key malls at launch, The program now includes 25 malls and 5 SHKP Group hotels. This extensive network spans across Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and the New Territories.
  • Participating Merchant Network: The membership program now encompasses over 2,600 partner merchants. Customers can earn points by shopping at designated malls, hotels, and merchants. Points can also be converted into Point Dollars for immediate spending at participating merchants.
  • Other Membership Program Partners: The Point has also partnered with other major membership programs such as SmarTone, Go Royal hotel members, YATA-Fans members, and KMB members. By linking their accounts, members can earn points on both sides simultaneously.
  • Points Exchange Partners: The Point’s points can be converted to other partner programs at specific rates, such as Citi Points from Citibank, Shell GO+ Points, and HSBC’s RewardCash program. Additionally, malls frequently collaborate with credit card promotions, allowing users to earn double or even triple points when using designated bank or credit cards.

The Point by SHKP


Customer-Centric Design:
Flexible and Easy-to-Use Points System, Simple App Navigation

The Point by SHKP

The interface and functionality of the program are designed with the customer in mind, incorporating most of the features that customers need in a shopping mall application. Its simplicity and ease of use provide convenience, encouraging customers to continue using the app and registering their purchases, thus creating a positive feedback loop.

Members can upload their shopping receipts to register points, with straightforward earning rules—every HKD 1 spent earns 1 point, they are quickly verified and credited. The app also offers various ways to use points, including redeeming rewards, converting them into Point Dollars for spending, exchanging for parking benefits, making donations, and transferring them to other partner membership programs. These examples alone demonstrate the app’s customer-centric sincerity in its design.

The app’s interface design is also meticulously crafted:

  • Personalized homepage and mall updates are displayed based on preferred malls.
  • Frequently used functions such as the membership QR code, points registration, and Point Dollar spending are prominently placed.
  • All user-related information pertaining to the program is centralized in the “My” page, providing a clear overview of transaction records, linked partner accounts, registered vehicles, and more.

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Frequent Promotions and Activities

SHKP malls frequently launch a variety of consumer reward and lottery promotions. The membership app has effectively enhanced the execution of these promotional activities.

The Point by SHKP

Take the ongoing fifth-anniversary event as an example: members can earn additional points and Point Dollar rewards simply by accumulating a certain amount of spending. There’s no need to go through the mall service counters anymore; members just have to upload their receipts, the spending amount will update in their mission progress on the app. Once the mission is completed, the app can automatically record the reward eligibility.

These mall events and lotteries, which can only be participated in through the app, continuously encourage non-registered mall customers to become members. Additionally, the digitalization of traditionally manual processes—such as points registration, gift redemption, and event participation—not only brings convenience to customers but also allows the mall to reallocate the freed human resources to optimize operational processes and improve overall customer experiences.


Striving for Excellence:
Continuous Development of New Features to Create a Comprehensive App

Over the past five years, the app has continuously evolved, enriching its features. From points accumulation, reward redemption, participation in activity missions, contactless parking, to points donation, these functionalities have gradually been perfected, making it an exemplary shopping mall membership application.

Integrating Offline Mall Facilities

Beyond points accumulation, users can also access information about mall facilities within the  app, such as mall guides, locations of restrooms and amenities, and real-time parking information.

The Point is the first membership program in Hong Kong to introduce contactless hourly parking services. After registering their vehicle license plate and payment method in the app, the system can automatically recognize the vehicle, allowing it to enter and exit the parking lot without the need to swipe a card.

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Continuous Development of New Features

The team is proactive in developing and adding new features to the app to enhance the customer shopping experience. For instance, the comprehensive upgrade of parking functions introduced contactless parking and automatic payment features. Additionally, the newly launched “Instant Point Eran” service allows members to earn points immediately after making a purchase by simply scanning their membership QR code without needing to take photos of receipts.

The Point by SHKP

Seamless Partner Integration

As mentioned earlier, the program has established various levels of partnerships with different sectors, creating a highly attractive rewards ecosystem. Through a single application, users can easily link with other programs, with a clear layout and intuitive functionalities.


The Point by SHKP has achieved remarkable success in Hong Kong. Its success can be attributed to the establishment of a one-stop ecosystem, customer-centric design, frequent promotional activities, and the continuous development of new features. Looking ahead, we believe that The Point will continue to provide high-quality service and convenient solutions throughout the customer journey. When considering the development of loyalty programs, the successful experience of The Point is certainly worth referencing and learning from.

Motherapp possesses extensive experience in digital CRM, membership systems, and the shopping mall app ecosystem. The Motherapp Loyalty Platform solution, designed specifically for commercial brands, can tailor-make a loyalty platform according to the business needs of the brand, unlocking the brand’s true potential, discovering seamless integration, tailor-made apps, and battle-tested security for your brand’s success!

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