We’re looking for people who care

We’re looking for people who care


Do you want to join a young energetic team of helpful people who believe that technology can make a positive difference in the world?

Are you someone who gets totally absorbed in your work and always looks for ways to improve and unleash your creativity?

Do you like working in place where you can shine alongside people who appreciate your strengths and support your weaknesses?

If you can answer yes, yes and yes, check out the skills and experience we’re currently looking for:

family culture

We cultivate a friendly welcoming ecosystem for talented optimistic people who genuinely care about their work and for each other.

You’ll hone your talent by applying the latest technology in new and challenging projects on the leading edge of innovation.

Your involvement in our customers’ wide variety of organisations and sectors offers great learning opportunities and new experiences.

We are open and transparent

Organisations tend to hide information. Not Motherapp. We share openly with team and clients – including our financials.

We have found that direct, honest, easy to understand conversation is the best way to build trust – with each other and with our clients.

We know it can be difficult to admit our errors – and to expose issues caused by others. But understanding failure leads to success. That’s why we encourage a safe, humane environment where it’s OK to disagree and to share our challenges.

Our team members say

I like that we can speak freely and directly. If a manager or executive makes a wrong decision, I can voice my opinion and they are willing to improve. The financial transparency makes me feel that our work is valuable.”

If I make a mistake, I don’t hide it. Instead I speak up and find a way to solve it together.

We care for each other and our clients

By caring for each other and our clients, we put others’ goals before our own – even if it means sacrificing a project budget for a greater outcome. Being caring means offering a listening ear, noticing when someone needs help, and giving a helping hand. We look at the bigger picture, but we don’t forget that small things matter, and that everyone has a voice.

Our team members say

We care about each other and we all enjoy working here. We only suggest solutions we believe in and are responsive whenever our clients need us which gives them a piece of mind.

We believe in the principles of Scrum

How we work at Motherapp is defined by the Scrum approach. Each member specializes in a different function, yet we work together as a team to collaboratively execute our roles and responsibilities.

We have found efficiency really does emerge from self-managing teams, time-boxing, cross disciplinary collaboration, iterative development, validation, and regular team reflection.

With offices in different locations, the Scrum framework guides our regular team exchanges and work reviews. This promotes teamwork and mutual understanding.

Our team members say

Planning for our work every week makes it more efficient and clear-cut. The weekly review and exchange with others in my team also helps me in growing my knowledge and clarifying the necessary requirements.

Our project team cares about the client’s success and can be reached anytime they are needed. It gives them real peace of mind to have someone involved the project always there to offer feedback.

We keep learning and innovating

Technology and processes keep changing and so do we. We give team members’ the time, opportunity and assistance they need to learn new things. We allocate company resources to experiment with new technologies and business models.

We understand that failure is part of the innovation process. It’s not failure that stops progress, it’s the inability to learn from failure. We see failure as a signpost on the road to success.

Our team members say

I believe that Motherapp is a very good place to learn and experience new stuff. Here, we spend time to train and grow the staff, and with a stable team of staff, we can always ensure our projects’ quality.

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