Get on track for Industry 4.0

Modern manufacturing gets ever more complex. Batch sizes are smaller, lead times are shorter, and quality expectations are higher. To compete, manufacturers must constantly seek to improve efficiency – even in the most labor-intensive industries.

Are you troubled by production bottlenecks, low OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), unscheduled downtime or a lack of factory visibility? Recent advances in AI allow factory owners to identify shop floor problems in real-time and analyze root causes.

Gain real-time factory floor visibility

Send us your video streamed through CCTV camera or webcam. We’ll turn it into your eye in the sky. Thanks to analytics powered by our deep learning AI technology, you get to understand operational status and machine performance.

Root cause analysis for deep operational understanding

To uncover the reasons for poor shop floor OEE, our PowerArena solution observes and visualises operations over an extended period of time. You learn the why behind the what. It’s time to lift the curtain on your production performance.

Get PowerArena and achieve:

Reduced labor and supervision requirements

Enhanced safety and security

Faster identification of bottlenecks and inefficiencies

Better tracking of parts, consignments, orders, logistics

Productivity-linked incentives

Real-time insights that trigger real-time action

There’s a role for AI in almost any factory operation. Talk to Motherapp experts about where it belongs in yours.

Our uniquely careful approach to developing the smart factory

Industry 4.0 applications are currently generating a lot of hype. There’s a risk of applying technology for technology’s sake.

Motherapp help you understand what can and can’t be achieved. Our technical expertise, manufacturing experience and caring approach will allow you to implement practical effective solutions that address your production pain points.

A careful approach to developing the smart factory

Everything your IT team needs for smart factory application development.

Or let the experienced, knowledgeable Motherapp team help.

Smart factory

PowerArena – our complete, award-winning smart factory application

With our PowerArena solution, you and your operations team can start building smart applications right away.

PowerArena includes everything. From analysing video and IoT data, to delivering real-time understanding of what’s going on in the physical world. PowerArena manages high data volumes and intense computation, and makes data actionable through dashboard and mobile solutions.

We have already helped manufacturers better manage their factories, production processes and workplaces. We’re ready to help you too.

Customized end-to-end project development

First we obtain a clear understanding of your business and your environment.

Then we identify how a smarter environment and operations can address your challenges and open new opportunities.

We then apply our proven caring approach to bring the right hardware, software and training to your team.

Contact Motherapp to learn more about PowerArena and our customized smart factory solutions



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