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Discover HK's Hot Summer Deals Success - Motherapp

Discover HK’s Hot Summer Deals Success


Discover HK’s Hot Summer Deals Success


Discover Hong Kong’s Hot Summer Deals event boosts local tourism with centralised coupon platform, attractive discounts & O2O opportunities. The pandemic has made a traumatic impact on the tourism industry in Hong Kong, the customer flows of many shops and restaurants have dropped significantly, especially those who see tourists as their target customers. To help the businesses survive the pandemic, boost consumption, as well as prepare for the future tourism industry, the Tourism Board has launched an event called “Hot Summer Deals” to help merchants attract more customers, as well as encourage Hong Kong citizens to travel around Hong Kong.

Hot Summer Deals offers collection platform

“Hot Summer Deals” is a centralized coupon redeeming platform collaborated with different merchants in Hong Kong. Once the users register an account and visit the coupon saving page, they may add the coupon to their wallet for free. At the beginning of the event, there are 4 rounds of significant discounts that can be redeemed by the users and they are all very attractive. On 14th July, the launching day of the event, 50,000 coupons and offers are sent out within an hour, and the total traffic of the website surpassed 100,000 users, which is a great amount of usage that implied the great success of the event.


But how can the event be so successful?


Hong Kong First Centralized Offers Providing Platform

To attract tourists and motivate them to consume, a lot of countries would provide a centralized tour guide along with coupons and attraction introductions to the tourist, especially in places where consumption can be easily driven, such as outlet malls, city centers, or the airport. Yet, Hong Kong seems to be lacking this kind of centralized offers providing platform. Even though Yuu has been the hot topic when it comes to multi-brand loyalty programs, the brands that participated in Yuu are all belonging to the same group, and they are mainly providing daily necessities or dining offers and discounts. Hence, there is not yet a tourist-friendly, all-rounded discount and offers a redeeming platform that can help boost the tourism industry.

Hot Summer Deals offers collection platform

Discover Hong Kong is a gamechanger in this, as mentioned above, there are over 200 attractions and merchants participating in the “Hot Summer Deals” event. The offers covered from dining, and shopping, to theme parks and tours with a wide variety of brands, the tourist might know more about different sides of Hong Kong via this event rather than just knowing the big brands or attractions like Ocean Park or Disneyland Hong Kong. As a pilot scheme, Discover Hong Kong has just launched “Hot Summer Deals” to grab the attention of Hong Kong people, once the pandemic is eased, the event will be aimed to promote Hong Kong globally, and their vision is to let tourists from all around the world explore Hong Kong via the centralized coupon redeeming event.


Big Discounts and Attractive Coupons

It is challenging for the Tourism Board to set Hong Kong citizens as the target since they are already familiar enough with their hometown, and they usually tend to travel outside Hong Kong while on vacation. Hence, the only way to motivate Hong Kong people to make special consumption is to provide attractive coupons. In the “Hot Summer Deals” event, The Tourism Board gathered great discounts and offers from different merchants such as 75% off discounts for Gyu-Kaku, discounted tickets for Ocean Park, and even 35% off discounts for Chow Sang Sang. Over 200 attractions or merchants have participated in the “Hot Summer Deals” event to give away coupons and offers. Since the amounts of coupons are limited, users must queue before accessing the coupons redeeming page. There was a total of 100,000 users queuing during the first round of the “Hot Summer Deals” event, we can thereby see the remarkable effects of attracting users by providing big discounts and attractive coupons.

Hot Summer Deals offers collection platform


A Great O2O Service Opportunity For Merchants

It is challenging to build a complete O2O service system to enhance the shopping experience for the customers, an application, connections with the POS system, and frontline support are all very important. It would undoubtedly cost a lot to build up everything in an O2O service system, especially for small businesses, such as the designing costs, inventing costs, as well as installation costs. With Discover Hong Kong, merchants may provide discounts and coupons by uploading to the platform, distributing and verifying the coupons for the users. The merchants may select different coupons using methods such as scanning the QR codes with their POS system, letting customers scan the QR code in the physical stores, or even providing users with a discount code.


Merchants participating in the event could gain various benefits. Not only the exposure and popularity of its brand are broadened, but the merchants may also make use of the platform with a certain level of control and autonomy in terms of coupon design, and the ways of using, and acquiring coupons. In this case, Discover Hong Kong provided an opportunity for small businesses to expand their O2O services more feasibly and cheaply.


If you are interested in the event, feel free to visit the website of Hot Summer Deals and find out more information about it. While if you are interested to read more about our previous articles, please also feel free to check out our website and contact us for more information!

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