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PowerArena empowers business results with smart technology - Motherapp

PowerArena empowers business results with smart technology


PowerArena is a smart operations platform that enables timely collection, analysis and dissemination of operations data and information, using mobile, IoT, AI and data analytics technologies. 

See how PowerArena empowers various operations with smart technologies:

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Ocean Park Hong Kong

Ocean Park Hong Kong uses PowerArena to manage the wait times of their attractions. Based on PowerArena’s data, Ocean Park is able to:

    • push location-based e-coupons, promotions and suggestions for the best routes to guests;
    • monitor and plan up-to-the-minute emergency evacuation routes; and
  • optimise the wait times in different areas of the park by running certain rides faster or diverting guests to less crowded areas of the park.

As Timothy Ng, Ocean Park’s Park Operations Director pointed out, “With PowerArena supporting our operation, we can manage the average wait time of our rides and attractions at less than 30 minutes.”

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Streetathon@Kowloon East 2017

Streetathon@Kowloon East 2017 is a running event on 8 January 2017. Aiming to improve crowd management during peak flow and at key bottlenecks, PowerArena helped detect crowd flow in real time and abnormal situations, enabling the event organiser and the governing authority to react quickly.

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WWF Hong Kong

Walk for Nature is a fundraising event organised by WWF Hong Kong on 26-27 November 2016 for over 1,400 citizens to reveal the wonders of Mai Po Nature Reserve. PowerArena collected data through sensors at every checkpoint along the walk to track participants’ journey and people distribution. By applying analytics on the data, WWF Hong Kong is able to get real-time feedback and improve planning for manpower and resources in future events.


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