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香港消防處山嶺搜救應用程式奪 WITSA 智慧城市卓越成就獎 - Motherapp

香港消防處山嶺搜救應用程式奪 WITSA 智慧城市卓越成就獎


Hong Kong Fire Services Department’s Mountain Rescue app won the WITSA Global Innovation and Tech Excellence Smart City Awards


很高興能夠與大家分享一項好消息:我們的合作夥伴 – 香港消防處 Hong Kong Fire Services Department(FSD)以山嶺搜救應用程式(Mountain Rescue App),勇奪了由世界創新科技與服務聯盟(WITSA)頒發的 2023年環球創新及科技卓越成就獎 – 智慧城市獎(公營機構)!恭喜!

We are pleased to announce an exciting news: Our partner, the Hong Kong Fire Services Department (FSD) has received remarkable recognition for their mountain rescue application, winning the WITSA Global Innovation and Tech Excellence Awards 2023 in the Smart City Award Public Sector Category.

mountain rescue


Motherapp 為消防處的山嶺搜救工作設計了一套全新且高效的解決方案,結合地理資訊及人工智能救災扶危,拯救生命:

  • 應用人工智能圖像分析軟件識別大量高空圖像
  • 開發搜救人員專用流動應用程式,協助救援人員規劃搜救策略
  • 配合地理資訊地圖,估算失蹤人士的手機訊號覆蓋範圍
  • 引入無人機手提電話定位儀,搜尋失蹤人士手機位置


Motherapp has collaborated closely with the FSD to develop an innovative solution that revolutionizes mountain rescue operations. By harnessing the power of AI and geospatial information, our groundbreaking solution includes:

  • Utilization of AI-powered image analysis software to identify vast aerial images
  • Development of a specialized mobile application for search and rescue personnel, aiding in strategic planning for rescue operations
  • Integration of geographic information maps to estimate the mobile signal coverage area of missing individuals
  • Introduction of drone-carried mobile phone locators to pinpoint the positions of lost persons’ mobile devices


mountain rescue


WITSA 由全球多個地區的資訊科技行業協會組成,其「環球創新及科技卓越成就獎」極具行業代表性,是對我們共同帶來的創新解決方案的肯定。

The recognition from WITSA, an esteemed organization comprising IT industry associations worldwide, highlights the significant impact of our collaboration. This recognition is a validation of the innovative solutions we have collectively brought forth.


我們很榮幸是次與 FSD 的合作不單有助推動本港的智慧城市發展,為消防在拯救生命的重要工作上出一分力。亦是我們團隊的格言和使命 — 以技術的力量改變世界,並致力於創造有意義的、具有影響力的應用程式。

We are honored to contribute to the advancement of Hong Kong’s smart city initiatives through our partnership with the FSD. The Mountain Rescue app not only showcases our team’s dedication to technological innovation but also plays a crucial role in saving lives. This aligns with our mission to utilize technology’s potential to create meaningful and impactful applications.


mountain rescue


再次恭喜消防處!另外,我們希望藉此機會再次感謝消防處對我們團隊的信任,Motherapp 將繼續努力,不斷提升自己,為客戶和社會創造更多價值。

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Once again, congratulations to the Hong Kong Fire Services Department! We would also like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the FSD for their trust in our team. Motherapp will continue to strive for continuous improvement and create even more value for our clients and society.

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