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EMSD Smart City Solution Showcase for the Innovation and Technology Bureau - Motherapp

EMSD Smart City Solution Showcase for the Innovation and Technology Bureau


The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department of Hong Kong (EMSD) is a government body that aims to provide and  regulate electrical and mechanical (E&M) services for enhancing the safety and quality of life in Hong Kong.

In line with the 2017 Hong Kong Policy Address on development of Innovation and Technology (I&T), EMSD launched the E&M InnoPortal(機電工程署), which is a platform for I&T collaboration and maintains a list of technology development needs of various government departments, public bodies and the E&M trade.

Motherapp has been engaged as an I&T partner, to deploy its Smart City Solutions, towards the efficiency of monitoring building facility utilisation.

Project Background:

Traditionally, if a government department wants to monitor and review the utilisation of building facility, such as elevators, washrooms, canteen and more, the only way to do so was to hire an external consultant to do manual review. Such consultancy however, make use of tedious manual efforts for data collection.

For example, a part-time staff will be hired to manually count how many people will enter / exit the building via the elevator using the sampling approach. The problem with such approach is that the data collected is not fully accurate and the dataset may not be complete.

Project Solution: 

By using AI powered video analytics solution provided by MotherApp, EMSD can now collect real-time utilisation data without any manual effort and with a much higher degree of accuracy. Such solution also helps EMSD to adopt the data-driven approach on building facility utilisation, while leveraging state-of-the-art technologies, as part of Hong Kong’s Smart City initiatives.

On 14 June 2018, both EMSD and Motherapp’s leadership teams shared the solution to the Innovation and Technology Bureau, led by Mr. Nicholas Yang, GBS, JP the Secretary for Innovation and Technology during their courtesy visit.

  • Integrate mobile, IoT, AI and Big Data technologies
  • AI deep learning powered video analytics
  • Enable people, object and behavior recognition
  • Internal app for field staff and operations team with dashboard and push alerts
  • Capable of integrating external systems such as digital signage, public mobile app, chatbot

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