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【Digital Red Packets 2024】Enhance User Loyalty with Lunar New Year “Lai See” Events - Motherapp

【Digital Red Packets 2024】Enhance User Loyalty with Lunar New Year “Lai See” Events


Ignite brand strategy with insights from Lunar New Year festivities


The Year of the Dragon begins, and New Year wouldn’t be complete without sending and receiving red packets. Many people have started to switch to digital “Lai See” recently, in addition to being convenient, and eco-friendly, it is also fun to send out grouped red packets and contest with family and friends.

During the Lunar New Year period, various payment platforms offer enticing rewards and lucky draw events. Which attracts users to utilize their platforms for sending red packets and making purchases, leading to an increase in terms of platform’s engagement and participation.

Now, let’s explore the presence of loyalty and O2O strategies hidden in these New Year’s limited-time events!



Leverage gamification for digital interaction and cross-promote with mall partners

In addition to its regular local/cross-border red packet distribution function, AlipayHK has prepared a series of “Earn Dragon Rewards” campaigns in 2024, incorporating gamification elements in user interaction. These include a fortune-telling game, a daily prize draw, point-earning missions, and generous rewards for redemption.

Alipay New Year Red Packet

In partnership with Sino Group, AlipayHK users can redeem shopping mall merchant coupons and enjoy double bonus points in the S⁺ REWARDS membership program. Through these gamified Lunar New Year campaigns, AlipayHK enhances its interactive app experience and user engagement, strengthening their attachment to the AlipayHK brand.

Alipay HK x Sino Group


AR games to win red packets: Automatic discounts for both O2O payments

PayMe has launched the “PayMe’s Lucky Laisee giveaway” AR (Augmented Reality) game, where users can scan QR codes on outdoor ads with their phones to catch “Master Meow” in the AR world once a day, grabbing the chance to win lucky red packet vouchers and limited edition NFTs. The cash voucher discount amount will be automatically deducted when users shop via PayMe on the same day. This combination of offline physical ads and online draws makes distributing coupons more fun, attracting users to use PayMe for daily consumption, leading to increased usage frequency and user loyalty.

PayMe Red Packet 2024


Seamless integration of mobile banking and WhatsApp smart assistant for prize draws

Hang Seng Bank’s “Hang Seng God of Wealth Lucky Draw” allows users to participate in an instant lucky draw after completing any e-transactions task using Digital Banking (send e-Laisee/ FPS Transaction, or registering for FPS). With just one click in the Hang Seng Mobile Banking App, they can join the red packet draws seamlessly via chat with Hang Seng’s AI virtual assistant, H A R O, on WhatsApp. The smooth platform transition experience not only makes operations more convenient for users but also builds their trust in the bank’s digital banking services, stimulating them to use it more frequently in the future.

Heng Seng Red Packet 2024


For the retail industry, which often needs to engage with members, gaining new insights from the campaigns of other retail brands is common. Yet, it’s also possible to draw inspiration from the innovative strategies of other industries to enhance customer interaction and loyalty.

Having looked at these New Year campaigns, whether through AR, gamification, or smart integration, these strategies are also applicable to retail’s loyalty programs. Reflecting on our past analysis of how virtual banks harness the concept of the customer life cycle to acquire and nurture customer loyalty, If you’re interested in delving deeper into this topic, feel free to review our prior insights by clicking the link below.


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