BOC Group Insurance – Agile Development for Digital Insurance Platform

Case study:
BOC Group Insurance – Agile Development for Digital Insurance Platform

We helped BOCGI energize its brand and boost travel insurance sales.


Step 1

Learning Bank Of China Group Inurances's Business

Being an industry leader for over a decade, BOCGI maintains four branches covering various property and personal insurance products along with an associated life assurance operation. By adding a mobile app channel, the company wanted to reach new customers, promote marketing proprieties, gain competitive momentum, streamline claims and enhance customer service.

Step 2

Identifying Mobile Challenges

BOCGI originally came to us for the sole purpose of mobile app development. In reviewing the company’s current online presence, we discovered that BOCGI website was lacking a Content Management System, or what most called CMS. The very design of its website made it extremely difficult to update, let alone support a mobile app. That’s why our proposal began with revamping the BOCGI website and then developing a single, user-friendly CMS that would support both the website and the new mobile app using three platforms—Web, Android and iOS.

Step 3

Defining The Process

We initially provided two layout designs for the mobile app:

  • Concept 1: Traditional finance-related app look and feel.
  • Concept 2: Trendier and more user-focused.

By conducting testing and lean validation on potential end-users, our evaluation of user feedback made it clear that the typical layout of listing all functions is boring and offers no opportunity to differentiate or push unique product opportunities.

The final decision is to put the single most important objective of the mobile app to its home page – which is to purchase travel insurance.

Step 4

Finding Solutions

Our mobile app for BOCGI met a variety of critical needs:

  • Practical and appealing design: The fresh, progressive look of our app infuses energy and vitality into the BOCGI brand, assuring users that they are in the hands of a professional, forward-thinking company.
  • Emphasis on core functions: Our app uses the impact of the first page to highlight sought-after features like Report Claim and push the company’s marketing priorities such as simple, one-stop travel insurance.
  • Expanded options via sidebar: We added a crisp, clear menu entitled Insurance Information as a sidebar that remains visible and easily accessible without immediately diverting the user’s attention.
  • Effective CMS support: Our integration of web and mobile apps under the same CMS has streamlined every process, making it easy for BOCGI to update content, create successful promotional campaigns, and ultimately increase revenues.