The Five Principles for Creating Top Apps


Earlier this year, I was invited by the Hong Kong Productivity Council to give a talk on the subject of the latest mobile development and app creation trends. During the talk, I shared about “What defines a Top App?”, and “What makes a Top App?”.

While there is no simple formula in creating a top app, I have attempted to boil down what we have learned over the years in creating apps for clients as well as for ourselves, into five principles which you and your team can follow in order to increase your chances of designing and creating a top app that will delight the person you choose to serve.

#1 Resist diving into features discussion

Start with clarifying business objectives and customer desires before diving into feature and feasibility discussions.

five principles of app creation

#2: Strategy matters

Start with solving the right problem, then solve the problem right. Very often it is the time invested in Opportunity Discovery and User Analysis that gives you the greatest ROI in forming the foundation of a remarkable app.

Five app principles

#3: Design as a User Experience creation process

At Motherapp, design is much deeper than pretty graphics. We define design as a well thought-out process that maximizes our capability to understand the problem and create optimal solutions. Our typical process involves opportunity discovery with stakeholders, user analysis, interaction design, prototyping and finally visual design.

user experience

#4: Engineering excellence is the foundation of app magic

Having a Google origin, Motherapp inherits the benefit of being a strong engineering company. When we get a “yes” from our engineering team, we know it can be and will be done. It is a gratifying experience knowing that our engineering people can be counted on.

app engineering

#5: Professional App projects don’t stop at Appstore submission

With the ever changing and tightening of submission guidelines, Appstore submission is not for the faint of heart. At Motherapp, we care about helping our clients along the entire journey from awareness creation to appstore presentation to initial app impression to returning usage experience and most importantly, whether the App achieves its goal of meeting our client’s business objectives. If you’re interested in learning more, contact us.

App submission