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PowerArena - smart crowd management solution - Motherapp

PowerArena – smart crowd management solution


One of Motherapp’s core business products, PowerArena is the system that powers our smart operations solution, which can be applied for crowd management applications.

PowerArena is primarily used as an operational platform to optimise staffing efficiency and improve crowd flow in crowded places. However, as a deep-learning backed video analytic software, it has the capability to be deployed in any scenario where motion detection and behaviour analysis is needed- be it for vehicles or for people.

There are three main components to this smart environments system: Sense, Manage, and Act.

1. Sense

To break it down in simple terms, Sense is the first component where CCTV cameras and IoT sensors alike at strategic locations are used to sense and track people and their movements.

2. Manage

The second component, Manage- is where the analytics and deep learning is done. First-hand data from the sensors are decoded and then further analysed automatically to produce relevant useful information in real time. This decoded information can be anything from people detection to people counting, from tracking people flow to calculating wait time at specific areas.

3. Act

Lastly, the third stage of the ecosystem- Act, suggests a platform for the analysed data to be reflected. This can be done through an internally-shared API, mobile app, or on large display screens for the public to stay informed, and for operational staff to review in real-time. This can help to save much unnecessary time lost in manual data collection- especially essential for staff when managing sensitive environments. 

Backed by artificial intelligence (AI) and deep-learning capabilities, our video analytics have the ability to solve various crowd management issues. This has immense potential for smart city development, and especially so for areas with large amounts of crowd and/or traffic.

With the data derived from our real-time analytics, in crowded scenarios, both visitors and staff can stay informed of crowd situation at all times.  For visitors, this helps them to better plan out a path in order to avoid time wasted in long queues, be it for public transportation or for event-related scenarios.

As the dashboard above shows, detailed information at each waiting point is clearly communicated so all parties stay in the loop, leading to a more efficient and orderly flow of human and vehicle traffic. Video analytics has also led to the simplification of many current man-powered operations, as can be seen in our project with Ocean Park.

We have previously shared our thoughts on creating shared value (CSV), and PowerArena is one such business model that contributes directly to the society at large, as it is very much for the people as it is for the companies using this solution.

Essentially, as the shared value approach connects company success with social progress, PowerArena not only propels Motherapp’s new strategic direction, but also drives value to the community at large.

For more information on PowerArena, please contact [email protected].

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