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BOC Group Insurance Digital Insurance Platform - Motherapp
BOC Group Insurance Digital Insurance Platform

Case study:
BOC Group Insurance Digital Insurance Platform

We helped BOCGI energize its brand and boost travel insurance sales.

Our Agile Solution for BOC Group Insurance Digital Insurance Platform


We will explore how BOC Group Insurance’s agile development approach revolutionized their digital insurance platform, resulting in enhanced customer experience and increased sales. By implementing an efficient content management system and integrating mobile app development, BOC Group Insurance successfully met the challenges of the digital landscape.


STEP 1. Learning BOC Group Insurance’s Business

With over a decade of industry leadership, BOC Group Insurance offers various property and personal insurance products, including life assurance. To expand their reach and streamline operations, BOC Group Insurance aimed to add a mobile app channel, targeting new customers and improving marketing strategies, claims processing, and customer service

Digital Insurance Platform



STEP 2. Identifying Mobile Challenges

BOCGI originally came to us for the sole purpose of mobile app development. During the evaluation of BOCGI’s online presence, it became evident that their website lacked a user-friendly Content Management System (CMS), hindering updates and mobile app support. To address this, our proposal involved revamping the website and developing a single CMS that caters to both the website and the new mobile app, accessible across Web, Android, and iOS platforms

Digital Insurance Platform



STEP 3. Defining The Process

BOC Group Insurance

We initially provided two layout designs for the mobile app:

  • Concept 1: Traditional finance-related app look and feel.
  • Concept 2: Trendier and more user-focused.

By conducting testing and lean validation on potential end-users, our evaluation of user feedback made it clear that the typical layout of listing all functions is boring and offers no opportunity to differentiate or push unique product opportunities.

The final decision is to put the single most important objective of the mobile app to its home page – which is to purchase travel insurance.



Finding Solutions

BOC Group Insurance

Our mobile app for BOCGI met a variety of critical needs:

  • Practical and appealing design: The app’s fresh and progressive look energized the BOC Group Insurance brand, instilling trust in users and positioning the company as forward-thinking and professional.
  • Emphasis on core functions: Our app uses the impact of the first page to highlight sought-after features like Report Claim and push the company’s marketing priorities such as simple, one-stop travel insurance.
  • Expanded options via sidebar: A crisp and clear Insurance Information menu remained accessible to users without diverting their attention, enhancing their experience.
  • Effective CMS support: The integration of web and mobile apps under a unified CMS streamlined processes for BOC Group Insurance, enabling easy content updates, successful promotional campaigns, and revenue growth ultimately.


By leveraging agile development techniques, BOC Group Insurance successfully transformed their digital insurance platform, providing an exceptional user experience and achieving remarkable sales growth. Explore the key features, success stories, and revenue growth achieved through their innovative BOC Digital Insurance Platform.


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