Get Your App Discovered


After all your hard work to have your dream app developed, you still have half of the race left to run in order to reach the finish line. With over a million apps in Apple App Store and Google Play, your app needs a marketing push to stand out and be discovered among end users.

Here are some tips to increase app downloads:

PR Plan: Distribute press releases to online and offline media.

Social Approach: Carefully set up and maintain your social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. These are the channels you can directly communicate with your end users and hear their feedback.

Blogger Outreach: Bloggers cover a wide yet specific fan base to increase awareness and publicity. Exciting press releases trigger bloggers to influence their fields of interest.

App Review Sites: With so many app on the market, end users rely on app review sites for recommendations. Honest reviews drive downloads.

Video Marketing: Allow users to view an interactive mobile app to drive up interest and increase user engagement.