Educational mobile app development for Hong Kong Observatory – 2013


With the aim of enriching public interest in weather phenomena among youngsters in Hong Kong, iCWeatherOS allows its users to carry out their own weather reports on mobile. Launched by the Hong Kong Observatory (obsolete already), this new mobile application provides a one-stop platform for users to take photos of the sky and add descriptions in their own words, and then share on various social media platforms such as Facebook or Weibo. It also allows users to view the weather observations made by others.

At present, this creative app groups weather observations under four different themes, namely Visibility, Cloud, Weather and Tropical Cyclone. Background information on these specific themes is provided so that users may carry out weather observations in a more professional manner. The app also includes a list of fun facts about weather for general educational purpose.

We see this project as a great showcase of Motherapp’s capability to produce educational mobile apps that can truly benefit the end-users.

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