Developing customer loyalty program with digital relationships

Developing customer loyalty program with digital relationships

What is your customer acquisition cost? How much do you invest in customer loyalty program? Results suggest retailers can achieve significant growth simply by allocating acquisition budgets to digital O2O loyalty program.

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O2O CRM App and Ecosystem for Customer Loyalty

We help retail, beauty, travel and companies from other B2C industries to develop their CRM Mobile App and build the entire Online to Offline O2O Omnichannel ecosystem to nurture loyalty.

When typical web analytic tools can no longer satisfy our clients’ needs, we implement big data infrastructure for user data platform. We develop website and mobile app serving as one of the many CRM channels for customer engagement.

As a company providing total CRM solution for customer loyalty and engagement, we facilitate barcode and QR code in our clients’ physical stores and premises to engage with their customers.

While collecting user data from CRM mobile app built by Motherapp, we set up real-time user behaviour analytics to analyze users’ habits, preferences and other factors attribute to their purchase. This is crucial to build an effective customer retention management stragegy.

Our solution includes enriching user profile by merging or stitching user behaviours, online and offline footprints. These include but not limited to data from clients’ retention history, sales history, web browsing history and social channels footprints. Our customer engagement solution also merges user browsing behaviour before and after login.

These data are process by our proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning driven customer analytics solution. Results will be used to schedule marketing automation targeting individual customers with personalized content and offers for customer retention marketing.

Personalized messages can be displayed in CRM app developed by Motherapp and also in channels, such as Google Ads, Email Direct Marketing (eDM) and clients’ POS to drive customer retention.

Retail businesses typically spend a lot on advertising and promotions to drive customer retention for their stores. But often the customers walk out, with no effort made to understand them, engage with them further and invite them back.

This makes no sense. Today it’s easier than ever to build customer retention and customer loyalty through mobile relationships. The businesses quick to understand and implement O2O CRM get a growing competitive advantage over those that don’t.

Strong CRM and loyalty built with care

Valuable O2O CRM relationships are built in stages. Informed by ongoing insights from customer data, the brand interacts personally and emotionally with the customer, at their preferred time, via their preferred channel.

Smart O2O CRM and loyalty program is easy to implement with automation. Typical elements include incentives, gamification, rewards and loyalty points earning. A careful approach is essential. Your O2O CRM and loyalty program aims to create strong opportunities for growth over time and act as a barrier to competition.

Aillia is the integrated loyalty solution for fast, easy, profitable loyalty programs

Motherapp’s Aillia customer engagement platform includes Aillia Loyalty that enables businesses to amplify customer loyalty. You also get prescriptive analytics from Aillia Customer Engagement and Loyalty Solution.

The mobile-first approach enables continuous engagement via your own branded app. Segmentation and automation lets you surprise and delight customers with highly relevant contextual messaging.

  • Easily develop and deploy your own branded CRM app
  • Transform data into action that gets results
  • Smart segmentation and automated efficiency
  • All-in-one integrated simplicity

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