Satiate your customers with spot-on services

Satiate your customers with spot-on services

The service industry is only getting more competitive, which puts immense pressure on your key resources to succeed. Let smart technology offload some of your most draining pickles.

Data-driven insights allow you to confidently deploy your team and resources to where they will be of the most assistance. Achieve real-time understanding of everything that’s happening around you via deep-learning models based on the data from IoT hardware device/s.

Actionable data streams are displayed through simple to use dashboards and/or a dedicated mobile solution with alert functions. This will free you up and equip you with tools to customise a better service experience for your customers, and create a happier workplace for your employees.

Make Smarter Decisions
Service industries are one of the most dynamic and fast-changing. Keep up with your staff and customers by staying in the know. The more you know at times of need, the more you can do to not only solve, but turn them into opportunities.

Frontline Support
Your people will always be your best asset. Eliminate the need for tedious work to be undertaken by your staff. With connected IoT devices, they can be empowered with real-time information that is constantly updated for them to excel at their given tasks.

Happier Customers
Create happy customers by involving them every step of the way. Make certain information public to keep them informed about real-time services in the backroom. Mix it up with enticing snippets about your business, and pleasantly surprise them with real-time information.

The possibilities and applicable benefits of AI are endless, especially in service industries. Here are some suggested use case scenarios:

  • Accurate wait time
  • Space availability
  • Product and service updates
  • Real time promotion based on availability
  • Service quality monitoring
  • Security and theft deterrent
  • Regulation enforcement

User experience, hardware, software, and its interconnected networks are all vital components in a Smart Service solution that require strategic considerations.

We care about your success – talk to a Motherapp analyst about how the above technology can be seamlessly integrated into your business without affecting the progress of your current operations.


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PowerArena – our complete, award-winning smart operations application

With our PowerArena solution, you and your operations team can start building smart applications right away.

PowerArena includes everything. From analysing video and IoT data, to delivering real-time understanding of what’s going on in the physical world. PowerArena manages high data volumes and intense computation, and makes data actionable through dashboard and mobile solutions.

We have already helped a wide range of organizations better manage their operations. We’re ready to help you too.

Customized end-to-end project development

First we obtain a clear understanding of your business and your environment.

Then we identify how a smarter environment and operations can address your challenges and open new opportunities.

We then apply our proven caring approach to bring the right hardware, software and training to your team.

There’s a role for AI in almost any operation. Talk to Motherapp experts about where it belongs in yours.