Looking for an experienced app developer that can build app for your business? Skillful in building loyalty applications that truly benefit our clients, Aillia serves as a CRM and promotion engine that drives businesses’ marketing forces in helping them reach maximum customer engagement rate to effectively generate revenues both online and offline.

Many industry sectors have included Aillia as one of their marketing channels, and how one manages the application is slightly different from the others based on the services provided. We’ve listed a few examples below of different industry may take advantage of this platform:

Medical Centers:  Dentists, Obstetrics & Gynecology Clinics..etc.
Beauty Clinics: Cosmetic Clinic, Medical Spas…etc.
Service Industry : Hotels, Hair Salons, Massage Spas…etc.

Standard Aillia features as follow:

– Customer Status
– Personalized Promotion Campaigns
– Points
– Member Tiers
– E-Coupon
– Data Analytics -Spendings/ Location/ Customer Profiles …etc

As different industry sectors may have different need on Aillia’s functions, Aillia is flexible and can be applicable for various businesses.

Medical Centers 

Integrated with smart wearable devices such as Apple Watch and Fitbit, through Aillia, medical centers are able to monitor the heart rates of their clients as well as to track their basic health status. On the other hand, they can also push notifications on annual health checks as well as latest news relevant to the clients, such as a rising of COVID-19 cases surrounding their area.

In which case, their features on Aillia would be:

– Health Status
– Appointments Booking
– Virtual consultations
– Shopping for nutritional supplements such as vitamins and minerals
– Promotional Campaigns for health checks, vaccinations and events
– General health information

Take a dental clinic for example, let’s say Justin wants to make an appointment for wisdom tooth extraction, he can do so within the app. His profile pages would contain information such as his appointment and treatment history, how long it’s been since he last had a dental check-up and cleaning, then the app would prompt to ask if he’d like to schedule one if it’s been more than 6 months.

After Justin has his wisdom tooth extracted, he would be able to read about general post-treatment information as well as set up notifications for antibiotics intakes during the day within the app, moreover, he can also consult with his dentistvirtually should anything feel “off”.

After the treatment, the app would issue a questionnaire inquiring about Justin’s overall experience, and the clinic will have all the data needed at their disposal to optimize the clients’ visiting experience from there and then.

Beauty Clinics 

With features similar to that of medical centers, beauty clinics take advantage of its personalized promotional campaign features. Let’s say a medical spas and dermatology clinic would like to launch a promotional campaign for their HydraFacial treatment, through existing data, the clinic can do a customer segmentation within Aillia’s dashboard and identify those who would be prone to such treatment, then issue an exclusive e-coupon to those in the segment.

Besides, with available treatments categorized, clients can easily identify the ones they’re interested in,and make an inquiry as well as learn more about the procedures in-app.

Service Industry 

Other than the common features, the service industry benefits the most from using Aillia to run its loyalty program. Take hotel A for example, they’ve set a ‘rule’ that customers can earn points from any spendings within the hotel, either it be in-app or off-app. Once they reach certain points, customers can opt to redeem a night’s stay or any other services/items from the hotel.

On the other hand, the hotel segmented their customers into four tiers: VIP, Frequent Visitors, Seasonal Visitors and One Time (Yearly) Visitors, and each customer can view their status within the app. As each tier has different perks, certain customers would “work” on reaching a higher membership level, and based on the customers’ spending pattern, the hotel can target such groups and launch promotional campaigns like ‘earning 3x points by spending three nights in a row.’


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