Pathway to Enrichment Project 活出豐盛計劃

Pathway to Enrichment Project 活出豐盛計劃


In 2016, the Hong Kong Education Bureau organised a project for local students with specific learning difficulties (SpLD) in secondary schools, to give them a chance in having some career-related experience.

Motherapp is honoured to have been amongst the corporate partners involved in this project to share our insights with the younger generation. Students who were interested in the Information Technology sector visited our office to learn more about mobile applications and to understand the industry a little bit better.

Staff from each of our teams volunteered their time to do some sharing with these students in the fields of engineering, data science, quality assurance and more. Our CEO, Ken Law also got involved to share about his personal experience and expertise in this sector. Hopefully, the time we have spent with these students have inspired them to follow through on their career goals!

Students with learning disabilities are no different from regular students, but they will need some extra time and personalised teaching to be on par with their peers. We enjoyed our time with them and hope that they have taken away something important from us!

Everyone is meant for something greater and we have faith that they will be a great contributor to the industry when the time comes. A big thanks to the Hong Kong Education Bureau for giving us this opportunity to make a difference!

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