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Loyalty Solution

Attract. Retain. Engage.

A comprehensive digital mobile platform that will change the face of loyalty through a deeper level of understanding.

Mobile First

It's time to shift your loyalty program online. Mobile app development is at the heart of what we do, and we believe the best way to reach an audience is through the device on their fingertips. Do away with the manual work - we provide an integrated digitalised solution and a targeted loyalty ecosystem with unparalleled potential.


We care about the User Experience (UX), and we found that instead of being bombarded by random offers and promotions, users love to receive news that are relevant to them. Our loyalty system enables effective segmentation so that users can cut through clutter to find what they're looking for. Feel the one-click appeal.


Integration of multiple softwares to a single platform is usually a lengthy and complicated process- POS, CRM and other marketing automation systems. Not with us. Our mobile platform is pre-designed with the capability to extend to different softwares and their needs. We use a modern software design where we can mix and match with your existing systems to deliver a cohesive and united solution fast, without compromising on the user-experience.

Discover Our Portfolio


reward-U is a lifestyle loyalty program launched in 2016 as the dedicated loyalty arm of HK Express. It has since expanded to include various lifestyle, dining, travel and many other services in its loyalty offering. To facilitate the ever-changing pace of consumer lifestyle patterns and preferences and its ever-growing partner portfolio, we designed a mobile loyalty ecosystem with flexibility for enhancements.



A Greater China Luxury Retailer

With the launch of its digital flagship in 2011, Lane Crawford became the first omni-channel fashion retailer in Hong Kong and in Greater China, enhancing its range of specialised services online that echo the actual physical retail experience. We helped Lane Crawford to develop a comprehensive mobile solution backed by our user experience (UX) consulting services.



We're invested in consumer loyalty.

We want to know what makes consumers tick as much you do. Therefore, we've delved deep into research and consumer behaviour, and compiled our findings for you. Here's a FREE ebook on the latest trends in loyalty marketing, capturing millennial loyalty, tips to leverage technology, and stay up to date with consumer preferences in 2018.

Get a head-start in the right direction with our eBook on ' How To Win at Loyalty Marketing in 2018? '.


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