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Many enterprise app initiatives fail because they fail to solve problems that matter to the user. Mobile developers must have a good understanding of a company's culture and processes to create a user experience that addresses critical issues. That's why we take the time to conduct stakeholder and end user interviews, map out how people actually work together, and understand everyone's expectations — all to ensure that your app is relevant and worth the investment.

Collaboration is critical.


Your IT department is the guardian of your company’s technology assets. That's why we work hand in hand with your IT team to ensure our mobile solutions not only integrate well with your existing systems, but also scale easily and perform well to meet your future enterprise needs.

Keep your secrets secret.


We help you understand and apply industry standard best practices in mobile security to include mobile device management, encryption, permission control, and enterprise app store distribution. And we ensure that your mobile enterprise communications are for your company's eyes only.

We like to tell their stories.

Ocean Park

Hong Kong’s Ocean Park is one of the world’s largest amusement parks. We worked with Ocean Park on several projects to streamline their business operations. We created an app that gives park security the ability to record incidents while on patrol and report those incidents in real time to the central park office. We also created an app to streamline business visits to the park. Previously, Ocean Park used an inefficient and error-prone paper and phone notification system with the front gate security. Now business visitors are sent a QR code via email, which gate security can quickly and accurately scan and verify entrance into the park.

Road King

Road King is a listed company in Hong Kong focused on property and infrastructure development in China. Our challenge was to automate and bring to mobile Road King’s existing manual, cumbersome and somewhat chaotic property buying and selling process. To replace their physical sales board, we developed a digital Sales Panel where Road King sales staff can instantly show buyers photos, view floor plans, check availability, reserve properties and prepare contracts. Senior managers are also able to better understand buyer behavior with analytics reporting through an integrated content management system.

Leo Paper

Leo Paper is a leading global printing communications company with clients like Penguin, Random House and Hachette Livre. Our challenge was to convert into a mobile app a heavy and sometimes incomplete printed paper sample book carried by Leo staff. We worked with Leo to understand their sales process and develop a mobile sales portal for the iPad preloaded with all their primary print samples and secondary print options. Now when clients request a specific paper effect, the app allows Leo salespeople to show those options on the iPad in 3D. Clients can also “like” samples when they browse the catalog, and salespeople can then create a custom email with the attached “liked” samples. The app has improved Leo's sales efficiency and increased their revenue.

A listed infrastructure and property firm in HK

We helped them create an app that drives process standardization and internal communication. The app works on desktop, iOS and Android devices with features such as mobile training, work procedures and messaging. The largest risk in enterprise initiatives is the failure of employees to adopt the application. That’s why during our UX design, we involve not just the senior management, but also middle management and front line staff, so that our design can cater the interests of all stakeholders.

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Common Questions


We have experience integrating popular Mobile Device Management (MDM) frameworks. Depending on your security needs, we also implement specific security measures such as content encryption and OWASP Top 10 auditing.

We have experience integrating a wide variety of backend systems, such as Active Directory, LDAP server, Jetco Payment Gateway, PayPal, MixPanel and OpenX.

We recommend integrating your app with popular Mobile Device Management (MDM) frameworks. On iOS, instead of putting the app on the App Store, you can distribute the app through Apple Developer Enterprise Program.

When we start our design process, we interview key stakeholders and establish the guiding principles of the project. Those principles get everyone on the same page and give us the ability to evaluate different solutions based on a set of agreed to criteria.

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