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Our clients trust us with their mobile business. Here's why.

We build effective, award-winning applications that solve their most difficult business problems. Our go the extra mile attitude, meticulous project management, and collaborative working relationship consistently makes our clients happy – very happy.

We're experts at creating mobile solutions.



We demystify enterprise app development and make it relevant and worthwhile for companies of every size and shape.

Navigating an enterprise-wide, mobile app development project from idea to implementation is a daunting task. We uncover critical user needs through a comprehensive UX process, including stakeholders and end-user interviews. We work with your IT team to integrate existing systems, mitigate potential security risks, and provide a performance driven, scalable app solution.




We're the first app company to introduce sound pedagogic principles into educational app development.

As an early innovator in educational app development, we are at the forefront of the digital learning revolution. We have worked with Reader's Digest, DK and Egmont to craft award-winning, educational applications. We understand the importance of building apps that are driven by clearly defined learning objectives and proven teaching methods, while remaining kid-centered and fun. We're experts at combining digital and physical learning into a truly educational app experience.




We have six award winning years of consumer app development expertise ready to make your idea come to life.

From startups to Fortune 500 companies, we know how to create successful consumer applications across every type of digital platform. Retail products, financial services, luxury brands--you name it--our consumer apps have consistently been ranked in the top five in their category on the app store. We incorporate user feedback early and often to create an exceptional user experience. And our meticulous engineering process incorporates over a hundred test case scenarios so that your app works just the way we planned it.


We listen…


Many of our clients make changes to the app once it goes public, and they receive user feedback. So instead of working on refining two platforms at the same time, we recommend clients focus on iOS or Android first, then once the app is stabilized, we can port it to the other platform.

• Mobile Opportunity Analysis is where we work with you to identify the best mobile strategies
• User Analysis uncovers the hidden needs of your users
• Prototyping helps you and your team visualize the app prior to engineering
• Analytics helps you understand user behavior and its impact on your KPI

We can work with your technical team through defining API, and have your team implement it. We can also dive deep into your technical environment and implement specific solutions to fit your needs.

Much like your website, we can use your existing marketing effort to drive people to your app promotional page, which will in turn cause people to download it. Alternatively, you can use mobile specific channels, such as mobile ads. And there are also free but important marketing initiatives, such as creating great screenshots of your app for the App Store, or carefully selecting keywords for your app on the app store.

We first help you clarify what kind of app you need to develop through an Opportunity Analysis. We then build a prototype with prototyping and visual design.

Typically it takes 4-6 months from project kick-off to submit the app to the app store.

…they respond.

"We consider MotherApp a vital part of the KlabLab team and look forward to continuing to develop products with them that change the world."

Dustin Haisler, President of KlabLab, Inc.

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