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What Chatbots can do for your business?


Chatbots are new tools to connect people with businesses on social media. It uses rules and artificial intelligence to interact with your customers or staff with a natural conversation, no matter you want to use a chatbot for delivering customer service, shopping recommendations or enhancing productivity.

MotherApp is developing chatbots on various chat platforms like Facebook Messenger, WeChat, LINE and Telegram. The above is a Facebook Messenger bot we created for ourselves - Mr. Purple will guide you through a unique journey to understand more about ...

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MotherApp is conducting Crowd Management and Deep Learning VA PoC in Kwun Tong

As part of the Government's Smart Cities PoC project, we deployed our mobile crowd management solution with deep learning video analytics today to understand people and vehicle flows at Hoi Yuen Road, next to the Kwun Tong MTR Station Exit, one of the busiest road in Kwun Tong.

Crowded situations in Kwun Tong.

Real-time monitoring mobile units outdoor.


Deep Learning Video Analytics for object detection and tracking.


PowerArena is a real-time crowd management mobile ...

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