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Management Apps to Improve Work Efficiency

The age of digital technology has inspired new methods in the approach that managers take when going about their daily activities. Utilise Motherapp’s innovative senior management apps today and refine your day to day activities by improving communication, multi-tasking and the coaching of your team. There are a wide variety of benefits in utilising such mobile apps for those in a CEO position and we can design your individual application to a specific array of requirements and operating parameters.
CEO apps allow you to work from the palm of your hand
Those in ...

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Dynamic Staff Training Apps

Conventional staff mentoring and learning processes have become outdated and tedious over the years, costing companies more time and money than is necessary. With new employee training applications being developed by Motherapp, coaching and development processes have been given new pathways in which to accomplish the same results, faster and inexpensively. We collaborate closely with your business to analyse your work environment and your employees to best cater to your unique requirements. Our staff training apps can be completely customised to best align with your needs and evoke the most favourable ...

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Premier HR Apps for Hong Kong Businesses

Mobilising your company can provide many opportunities for expansion and financial growth, whilst streamlining productivity. Motherapp designs innovative and dynamic HR apps for Hong Kong companies looking to embrace the digital age and improve efficiency. There are a number of advantages to using mobile HR solutions for your business and you can potentially cut down on many expenses over time.
Advantages of our business apps
In terms of day to day operations, such as hiring, organising timetables, pay sheets, training and KPI tracking, the digital age has provided many new ways in which ...

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