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7 things you need to know when creating iOS7 apps

The release of iOS 7 has introduced a number of beautiful new UI elements, such as borderless controls, key colors and more. This has created new opportunities for giving your existing apps a makeover or to create new ones harnessing the new features. If you want to take advantage of what iOS 7 has to offer, here are the seven biggest changes to be aware of:
1. Translucent UI Elements
iOS 7 uses many translucent UI elements. This includes translucent backdrops, borderless buttons and key colored control icons. Status bars are also transparent to reveal the content behind. Switches are longer and ...

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Use metrics to drive your mobile development

For some of our clients, apps/websites are a core part of their business, and they will invest heavily in a few apps/sites in the next 5 years. As app development is not a one-time effort, a signpost is needed for long term development. We find user metrics are a very useful longterm signpost.

The AARRR framework was created by Dave McClure and is widely adopted by Silicon Valley startups. His framework views how users interact with a site/app as a series of stages:

Acquisition: Users come to your app/site from various channels.
Activation: Users enjoy the first happy experience.
Retention: Users come back to ...

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A lean way to involve users in development

We went to a workshop organized by UXHK where different companies shared their app/website development processes. To our surprise, getting feedback from users (or simply talking to users directly) is either missing or is outsourced to another team. Designers and engineers don’t have a chance to interact with the users directly, although they are the ones who spend 3 - 6 months of their time building something for the users.

As mentioned by the successful entrepreneur Steve Blank, “no business plan survives first contact with a customer”. We understand that finding users for testing can be expensive and time consuming, ...

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MotherApp recieves Certificate of Merit in the Asia Smartphone Apps Contest

The HKTDC Product Magazines app developed by MotherApp has won a Certificate of Merit in the Advertising and Marketing category in the Asia Smartphone Apps Contest. This is the third international award for HKTDC's Product magazine app that also includes the W3 Awards in Business Mobile Application, Web Award in Best Catalog Mobile Application, and Best E-Zine Mobile Application.

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Government Officials Visit MotherApp

More than forty officials from the Hong Kong Government visited MotherApp and discussed a wide range of  mobile topics from web vs app development to the development process and even data security. We talked to them about mobile opportunity analysis and user analysis and developing apps that people can use.

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