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We're a company that cares.

Started in 2008 by an original Google employee, MotherApp has since expanded to specialise in Mobile Innovation, Loyalty Solution, and spearhead Smart Operations using the latest innovative technologies for our clients across the globe.

We anticipate people's needs.

TED talk

We're the first company to build an app to view TED videos for iOS and Android – long before the official TED app was launched.

TED is a global conference dedicated to “ideas worth spreading”. The MotherApp team saw an opportunity to spread TED inspired ideas even further with mobile apps. So in 2009, MotherApp built one of the earliest unofficial TED apps that allow people to browse and watch all of TED's videos right at their fingertips, expanding the reach of ideas we believed in.

We design real life solutions.

apps family

We helped to reconnect separated families through the love of reading together with FamLoop.

At MotherApp, we love reading and we understand the bond reading forms between parents and their kids. We discovered that modern parents were often too busy at work to share that reading experience with their kids. So we created FamLoop — a family friendly network for parents and family members to take part in a child's learning activities.

We make our work matter.

End human slavery

We think slavery's a problem businesses can solve. We're creating mobile apps to help.

MeKong Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to fight against slavery. Over 9 million people live in slavery in Asia. We developed pro bono a slavery victim identification app that allows law enforcement officials to question potential victims without speaking their language with the use of simple pre–recorded videos and questionnaires. The app helps officials to identify, communicate, and rescue potential victims.

Meet our smart, capable MotherApp team.

We’re an agile team of designers, developers, account managers, project managers and entrepreneurs focused on helping solve your toughest business challenges with mobile technology.

Ken Law

Ken Law

Chief Executive Officer
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Ken Law witnessed firsthand that a company can make money and contribute to society at the same time. After earning his MS degree at Stanford, he joined Google as the first group of interns and became a full-time employee in 2000. While at Google, Ken developed a patented algorithm to find related pages. In 2007, Ken returned to Hong Kong and started MotherApp, which at that time the iPhone was not widely adopted and no Android devices even existed! When Ken isn’t steering the Mothership, he’s avidly reading and traveling.

hang wang motherapp cto

Hang Wong

Chief Technology Officer
Email Hang | LinkedIn

When Hang was still in high school, he was already an entrepreneur and founded his first company to focus on web development. After finishing his master's degree in Computer Science at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, he was recruited by Ken as MotherApp's first employee. Not only did Hang build all MotherApp's early apps, he also established and expanded the MotherApp engineering team. During his time off, Hang leads a youth fellowship group at his church and is active in his community.

Hau Man Chow motherapp vp ops

Hau Man Chow

Chief Revenue Officer
Email Hau Man | LinkedIn

Before joining MotherApp, Hau-Man was a founding member of Google North America’s sales organization in 2000. During his eight years at Google, Hau-Man was instrumental in establishing Google's AdWords advertising network in North America. He then went on to pioneer Google's operations in the Asia/Pacific region, where he brought in strategic partners to support Google's growing number of users and advertisers. Hau Man enjoys watching movies on the weekends and spending time exploring new cities during vacation.

wendy tam motherapp director of publishing

Wendy Tam

Vice President of User Experience
Email Wendy | LinkedIn

Wendy has over 15 years of experience enabling organizations to achieve business breakthroughs through mobile product and service innovation. Before joining MotherApp, she worked for and helped guide mobile technology pioneers Motorola, SmarTone Mobile Communications & AirGini. Wendy holds two US patents on mobile enabling technologies, and she is passionate about user experience design and innovation. She loves traveling the globe and enjoys reading Peter Drucker on a warm sunny beach.

We enjoy our work. Join us.

Exchanging ideas.
Informal office pow-wow.
Trying new apps.
Solving a problem.

Serious without ties

  • Work with a young and energetic team.
  • People are welcoming.
  • Make friends at work.
  • Unleash your creativity.

Come visit us

Factory tour.
Bologna Book Fair, Italy.
Visiting clients & checking our apps.
Team building exercise in Thailand.
Encouraging office creativity.

Always learning

  • Try new and challenging projects.
  • Work with clients in different industries.
  • Experiment with the latest technologies.
  • Have a flexible career path.

Come learn with us

Company group meeting.
Everyone has a voice.
Giving feedback.

Everyone has a voice

  • Everyone has a voice.
  • Suggest changes to the company.
  • We keep no secrets.
  • No office politics.


Company trip - Bangkok, Thailand.
Company trip - Bangkok, Thailand.
Company boat trip - Hong Kong.
Company boat trip - Hong Kong.
Company trip - Bangkok, Thailand.
Company archery games - Hong Kong.
Company archery games - Hong Kong.
Company archery games - Hong Kong.
Company hiking day - Hong Kong.
Company hiking day - Hong Kong.
Company hiking day - Hong Kong.
Dim Sum class - Hong Kong.
Arm wrestling at lunch outing.
Company dining out.
Food at company dining out.
Trip to Xiang Shan.
Company war games.
Company war games.
Company war games.
Army day!
Lunch on a boat trip!
An ocean office outing.
Relaxing on the water.
Cooking up some fun.
Learning the art of Dim Sum

Work hard — play hard

  • Annual company offsite.
  • Celebrate early and often.
  • Crazy fun team building outings like paintball and archery.

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